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Weekly newsletter of Velivian Fesothe - Issue #1

Velivian Fesothe
Velivian Fesothe
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Snack Ferret Studio
Velivian Fesothe
I'm trying a software program called Flow Scape, the files it takes are huge. This one at full size was 15360x8140 at 154MB, it says you can import .obj files so it might be useful for taking images for @SnackFerret of custom content, and characters in my own environments.
Urban Dictionary
Urban Dictionary: Author Fesothe
Velivian Fesothe
It looks like @urbandictionary accepted my word/definition. #Birdio some issue going on with the website though.
Red Dead Redemption 2
Velivian Fesothe
Picked up the camera in Red Dead Redemption 2, photoed my @kilynntor
Velivian Fesothe
When your profile is being shown for the right searches on @LinkedIn
Cyberpunk 2077
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Velivian Fesothe
Velivian Fesothe @fesothe

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